Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Long Overdue Update

As with everything in life, plans change.....we have found that the best laid plans we had for ourselves were not on the course that our lives were headed. In a very blessed turn of events, we were able to finally buy a beautiful piece of property to move our tiny home to. However, that piece of property already has a house on it as we picked it up at foreclosure auction for a very reasonable price.
What to do, what to do....we are currently living in the main home and deciding if we are going to rent out our tiny home on a section of the property, or if we are going to sell it outright. Extremely tough decisions to mull over, even more so for my dear husband who has his blood, sweat, and tears into building our little house.
My preference is to sell it, as having "neighbors" that close to me doesn't really hold any appeal, but we love our little house and would hate to see it go......we try and tell ourselves that this is just another step on our life journey, but it's so hard to have to pull the stop lever and switch directions on a dime. I think it's very human to resist change :o)
So, for now, we're at a stalemate until we come to the best decision for our little family. Funny how unexpected blessings sometimes still have their sad sides.
Great news though! We finally have our own spot of land and can put in a permanent garden and an orchard, very excited about that!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Closet Doors

Well we finally managed to find the time to work on a few projects around the house, and now I have some lovely closet doors on my coat closet :o) They are made of clear cedar to match the walls with fabric insets to match the curtains. I wanted something that would still allow airflow into the closet in case we put away anything damp.
Also, the trailer frame we special ordered for the next home is here! We're busy planning out the next tiny house, and hope to start building sometime in March if the weather cooporates for a few days at a time. I would love to get it completed by mid July, but we'll see how everything goes. I hear I'm not supposed to count my chickens before they hatch :o)
I'm getting excited to start on the next home though, I have new ideas and plans that have been rolling around in my head and it will be fun to see those plans come to fruition.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And Life Catches Up To Us All

Nothing new to report on the tiny house front, other than that the trailer we ordered to build the next tiny house is finally finished and we have picked it up :o)
We hope to start building the next tiny home once the weather starts to clear for a few days at a time so that we can get it dried in and don't have to deal with that massive tarp again (that was a HUGE pain).

Other than that, we've been very busy planning out our garden for this coming Spring, and trying to get all of the planting beds ready to go (compost, amendments, etc). Our goal is to grow most of our own food this year and be as self-sufficient as possible.
It seems that everything always comes to a head this time of year and we feel as though we are running in 10 directions at the same time, but it's all got to get done, so I guess one way or another, it will have to happen :o)
Plus, it's always much easier to take your time finishing up the details once you're already living in your home, it seems that time has a way of slipping away sometimes when you're juggling multiple things at one time.

I hope you are all having a wonderful 2011!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Well, it's not tiny house related, but I am certainly excited!
We were able to pick up a wood fired cedar soaking tub for a good deal on Craigslist and have been enjoying the wonderful wam water in our below freezing temps at night :o)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Creature Comforts

So while my dear husband has been working on important things today like paneling and finish work, I've been playing house :o)
I put up the bathroom curtain today, we decided against a door as we wanted a light, airy feeling both inside and outside of the bathroom. I chose an organic linen fabric with a darker shade colour block on the bottom. It transfers light beautifully while still allowing for privacy in the bathroom.
I also put up the curtains to cover the under counter storage. It is the same heavy organic flannel that I used for the window treatments and does a good job at hiding the dishes and pantry items under the counter.
I'm so looking forward to being done with the finish work so that I can reclaim my home from the misc. tools and work items that are always laying around.

Coat Closet

We got the corner behind the front door finished up and I rolled my kitchen island over there instead of hiding it under the counter. Eventually when we move to another location, this will be where my washer and dryer will go as it is already plumbed in (behind the island), but for now while I have shared laundry facilities in the garage of the main house, I'll keep the island there. Then when the washer and dryer are in the house, I'll roll it back under the counter top :o)
I also get a wonderful coat closet! Yay! It fits perfectly into the space under the stairs.
I'm still deciding what style of doors I want, so hubby hasn't put those on yet for me. I think I might do door frames with fabric panels inset into them that match the curtains so that if we put any coats away damp there is still good airflow into the closet. And the space above will be great for setting up electronics (dvd player, laptop storage/charging, etc).

Sunday, December 5, 2010

And then.....there was more work.....

I digress, while I would love to be one of those people that throws her tv out the window and only meditates and reads non-fiction, I am not. I enjoy watching tv while I do the dishes :o)
So, we found an articulating tv mount that we attached to the side of the stairs so that I can watch in the kitchen, or in the living room. And it folds out of the way when I'm not using it.

To utilize the space behind the stairs, we're going to build a coat closet and shoe rack, and then put the DVD player and audio equipment on top of the closet so that everything will be orderly and out of the way.

Hubby also got all of the paneling up in the bathroom

And he's building me some shelving along the wall outside of the bathroom and opposing the kitchen. And no, we're not a couple of raging alcoholics :o) I'm planning to use the shelves he will put in for my vitamin bottles/loose leaf tea/and spices. It should work out great!

It's exciting to see the walls start to come together. After looking at fuzzy wool walls for quite some time it's nice to be able to run my hands along solid wood walls. And I love that the wood holds the heat and feels warm to the touch :o)