Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Beautiful Countertop!

My kitchen countertop is beautiful! I'm still in awe! I've always wanted a butcher block style counter but could never afford the price tag.
My wonderful, talented hubby worked long and hard to give me my dream countertop :o)
We need to do a bit of finish/detail sanding and then he's going to put the trim pieces up around the edges and build the lower shelves, but I'm really proud of how fabulous everything is looking :o)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's starting to look like a real home!

Well, with a picky poodle looking on, hubby framed in the kitchen countertop.
I'm soooo excited to have lots of counter space! My counter top across the one side will be 12ft long, and then over the top of the washer and dryer will be a 4ft-ish counter.
I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there is plenty of room between the counter and bathroom wall/fridge/washer dryer. I was worried it would feel like a tunnel, but actually there is really good flow and space when you come in the front door.
It's starting to feel like a real cabin that will be both beautiful and functional.
Hubby did make an executive decision and nix my porcelain cast iron sink though....apparently there is a 97lb difference between the cast sink and the stainless one that we ended up using. Oh well, I'd rather have the extra 100lbs for something else I suppose.....

The woodstove will be built in as an addition on the end of the counter top so that I can use it to cook on and it will still seem like part of the kitchen when I need it. We'll heat shield it around 3 sides and once it is placed with the proper clearances the front of the stove will be flush with the front edge of the countertop, so everything will continue in one seamless line.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, our plumbing is well underway so we're one step closer to being able to be done!
We tossed around different ideas for piping and decided on PEX as it is supposed to be non-leaching (Riiiiight) and enables us to go solder free. It's quite a bit more money, but with the jostling from towing the house at some point, we thought it was worth the investment.
You can see the shower plumbing here, one of the knobs will be painted blue to show which one is "cold". The shower head will be coming directly out of the ceiling into the middle of the tub as hubby is taller than I am and we didn't want to lose any space by adding a standard drop and angle on the shower. This way he won't have to bend his head under the running water, it will be just the right height to accomodate his height :o)
It's exciting to see everything start coming together, but also very frusterating to not be able to move in right away.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Alive!!!!

You can't really tell that well in the pictures, but we have POWER! That beautiful little green light on the GFCI is ON!
It's so nice to be able to walk in, flip the switch, and voila! Lights!

The ceiling fan and the wall sconces look great :o)

And the electrical panel is a work of art~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Drumroll please.....

This is our bathtub/shower pan, we can sit in it and soak and it's the perfect height to rest our heads on the edge.
Guess who's going to have a washer and dryer? ME! I'm very excited about it :o) It will go just to the right as you walk in the front door, and hubby is going to build a shoe rack over the top with coat hooks on the wall above.

This is the framed in wall for the bathroom, the composting toilet will be right as you walk in with the tub/shower after that.

We also get an almost real sized fridge! It's apartment sized, but certainly much better than those tiny things that come in the Tumbleweed houses. We eat at home 99% of the time, so I need something that is more realistic for keeping produce, condiments, milk, etc. This will go next to the washer and dryer, and on the same wall as the bathroom.

And I get STAIRS!!! Eat your hearts out! We're the only people I've seen so far that have put in a staircase in a tiny house, and I'm exceptionally proud of it! (My hubby did all the work, but I'm still going to gloat!)
Our dogs can even manage to go up and down them :o)

Hubby is going to build me a computer desk/office underneath the stairs and against the bathroom wall.
I think he's planning to work on the plumbing next...or maybe more work on the windows...not quite sure yet, but it's really exciting to see it all start coming together. Maybe someday soon we'll get to enjoy it :o) The space feels so great to be in there, it's incredibly useful and well thought out in my humble opinion, I think we've managed to creatively get all of our needs and wants packed into it while still feeling comfortable and like a home, not a small cardboard box.
We're very blessed to have this opportunity, and I'm very blessed to have a husband that is so talented and can literally put a roof over my head.

The comforts of a real home

Look at that! I get an outside electrical box! I can have Christmas lights on my tiny house :o)
AND....I get a real ceiling fan! This should help keep us cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. It's got 3 speeds and a switch to change which way it rotates depending on the season.