Sunday, May 9, 2010

The comforts of a real home

Look at that! I get an outside electrical box! I can have Christmas lights on my tiny house :o)
AND....I get a real ceiling fan! This should help keep us cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. It's got 3 speeds and a switch to change which way it rotates depending on the season.


  1. I love that you chose to go with the flatter roof and higher ceiling. It can get kind of claustrophic in a loft for me, so I applaud your choice. I love the ceiling fan and the outdoor electrical socket for Christmas lights.

  2. I enjoyed this post but would appreciate seeing a picture from the outside.

  3. Unfortunately we don't have anything new to report on the outside of the house, it's still just covered in the grey tarp for now :o) Once the weather here is going to be agreeable for a few days in a row we'll work on the roof and siding. But for now....big plastic tarp for me!