Sunday, May 9, 2010

Drumroll please.....

This is our bathtub/shower pan, we can sit in it and soak and it's the perfect height to rest our heads on the edge.
Guess who's going to have a washer and dryer? ME! I'm very excited about it :o) It will go just to the right as you walk in the front door, and hubby is going to build a shoe rack over the top with coat hooks on the wall above.

This is the framed in wall for the bathroom, the composting toilet will be right as you walk in with the tub/shower after that.

We also get an almost real sized fridge! It's apartment sized, but certainly much better than those tiny things that come in the Tumbleweed houses. We eat at home 99% of the time, so I need something that is more realistic for keeping produce, condiments, milk, etc. This will go next to the washer and dryer, and on the same wall as the bathroom.

And I get STAIRS!!! Eat your hearts out! We're the only people I've seen so far that have put in a staircase in a tiny house, and I'm exceptionally proud of it! (My hubby did all the work, but I'm still going to gloat!)
Our dogs can even manage to go up and down them :o)

Hubby is going to build me a computer desk/office underneath the stairs and against the bathroom wall.
I think he's planning to work on the plumbing next...or maybe more work on the windows...not quite sure yet, but it's really exciting to see it all start coming together. Maybe someday soon we'll get to enjoy it :o) The space feels so great to be in there, it's incredibly useful and well thought out in my humble opinion, I think we've managed to creatively get all of our needs and wants packed into it while still feeling comfortable and like a home, not a small cardboard box.
We're very blessed to have this opportunity, and I'm very blessed to have a husband that is so talented and can literally put a roof over my head.


  1. Love the staircase. I'm always afraid it would make such a small space feel even smaller and take away valuable wall space, but it actually doesn't look too bad. Kudos on going with the larger fridge and the washer/dryer. How much weight does that add to your total?

  2. Thanks, we're excited that we can add "real" components to our tiny home :o) The full size fridge and the washer/dry will add an additional 300lbs, but I think it's well worth the extra weight. They were all picked out for energy effeciency and their ability all be run off a 50amp panel.

  3. this is quite an old post but I have stumbled upon this as of now. Is the trough actually your bathtub?