Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, our plumbing is well underway so we're one step closer to being able to be done!
We tossed around different ideas for piping and decided on PEX as it is supposed to be non-leaching (Riiiiight) and enables us to go solder free. It's quite a bit more money, but with the jostling from towing the house at some point, we thought it was worth the investment.
You can see the shower plumbing here, one of the knobs will be painted blue to show which one is "cold". The shower head will be coming directly out of the ceiling into the middle of the tub as hubby is taller than I am and we didn't want to lose any space by adding a standard drop and angle on the shower. This way he won't have to bend his head under the running water, it will be just the right height to accomodate his height :o)
It's exciting to see everything start coming together, but also very frusterating to not be able to move in right away.


  1. Hi there!

    Love the tiny house idea - my partner and I are planning the same thing here in Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Can you tell me what dimensions your tiny house is - not only length/width/height but how high your loft will be?

    Thanks - good luck in your build!

  2. Hi Jen!
    Our loft is 4'3" at the center, and slopes down to 3'6.5" on both sides. The exterior demensions are 24'x8'6" (including the roof overhang, the actual body of the house is 8' wide). We're very excited about our home, but it's a HUGE project. A word of advice for you and your partner....make sure you have ample time to run over your schedule so that no one gets stressed out :o) And have FUN! Don't worry about being too structured, let the creativity flow.