Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And Life Catches Up To Us All

Nothing new to report on the tiny house front, other than that the trailer we ordered to build the next tiny house is finally finished and we have picked it up :o)
We hope to start building the next tiny home once the weather starts to clear for a few days at a time so that we can get it dried in and don't have to deal with that massive tarp again (that was a HUGE pain).

Other than that, we've been very busy planning out our garden for this coming Spring, and trying to get all of the planting beds ready to go (compost, amendments, etc). Our goal is to grow most of our own food this year and be as self-sufficient as possible.
It seems that everything always comes to a head this time of year and we feel as though we are running in 10 directions at the same time, but it's all got to get done, so I guess one way or another, it will have to happen :o)
Plus, it's always much easier to take your time finishing up the details once you're already living in your home, it seems that time has a way of slipping away sometimes when you're juggling multiple things at one time.

I hope you are all having a wonderful 2011!


  1. Congrats on your new trailer being ready! How exciting to be able to start building on it!!! I won't be able to start my garden this year unless I can get my water well dug soon enough...but I don't think that's possible. Please post as you begin your building process!!

  2. I am curious to see how "grow most of our own food this year: works out for you. Veggies & fruit - possibly. Grains, sweeteners, diary/meat (?), calories year round - if you do you'll be doing better than people who have been at it for decades.

  3. We'll see how it goes :o)
    We did good at growing most of what we ate during the growing/harvest season, but I couldn't find the time to put up the extras last year, so the chickens got them instead. Plus, we had a terrible year for corn, so most of what I would have used from that such as cornmeal, frozen corn, etc was non existant and I did have to trade for some grains.
    What we can't grow we try and trade locally for, such as honey from the neighbor for some of our eggs and I swapped cherries for wheatberries to make flour with.
    I add those items into "Grow my own food" because I was able to grow something that someone wanted and we were able to trade for what we needed/wanted.
    We don't really eat meat, we'll eat fish but we're usually able to get that on our own :o)
    I just need to be better prepared about getting it canned, frozen, dried, etc so that it lasts longer this year.
    It gets harder to grow every year though with the unpredictable weather we keep having, so we'll probably end up building a second greenhouse that I can grow sprouts, wheatgrass, etc year round as well as having one for starting seeds and hot house items.

  4. Ezrablu,
    Hopefully you don't have to hand dig that well! Then again, a hand dug well is probably cheaper than one that has to be 90+ feet deep :o(
    I wish you luck! Could you try some rainwater barrels to irrigate from the for the time being?