Sunday, December 12, 2010

Coat Closet

We got the corner behind the front door finished up and I rolled my kitchen island over there instead of hiding it under the counter. Eventually when we move to another location, this will be where my washer and dryer will go as it is already plumbed in (behind the island), but for now while I have shared laundry facilities in the garage of the main house, I'll keep the island there. Then when the washer and dryer are in the house, I'll roll it back under the counter top :o)
I also get a wonderful coat closet! Yay! It fits perfectly into the space under the stairs.
I'm still deciding what style of doors I want, so hubby hasn't put those on yet for me. I think I might do door frames with fabric panels inset into them that match the curtains so that if we put any coats away damp there is still good airflow into the closet. And the space above will be great for setting up electronics (dvd player, laptop storage/charging, etc).


  1. Hey, just found/read your tiny house story, truly inspiring! I'm curious about the appliances you are using on your island, is that a Breville toaster oven and induction burner? Did they require any special wiring or do you use a standard outlet?

  2. No, we decided on a regular, plain jane burner as I'm not too excited about the induction technology. I still have my doubts about whether the heating method is really safe or not. (I know, I know, they say it is....but I don't know that I'll ever be convinced). And our toaster oven is whatever Costco has for sale right now :o)
    They plug into the wall. No mess, no fuss!
    May I ask how you came about your user name? I'm not sure I would enjoy ketchup soup....sounds like some sort of knock off phad thai/curry dish gone horribly wrong :o)