Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Window Coverings

My fabric that I ordered for the draperies arrived yesterday, so I spent all day today sewing
and have the living room panels completed and had hubby help me hang them.
The paneling isn't finished on the walls yet, so I'll have to pop them down quickly when he is ready to install the tongue and groove, but I really wanted to get some nice window coverings up. We had burlap bags stapled up over the windows and it was getting old.
The undyed organic cotton flannel fabric looks great against the wood and really lightens up the house. The long panels give the living room a really chic "loft" feel, with the nice warmth of a cabin :o)


  1. They look absolutely stunning - well done :-) Completely changes the appearance. Now, when are you going to come over here and make me a Tiny Homestead? (and I want curtains too please - I'm useless with a sewing machine :-) )

  2. They really do look nice. Good job.

  3. Hi Dani,
    We'd love to build you a tiny homestead!
    But I'm not sure that I could get the tiny house out of the country and into yours :o)
    I agree, sewing is a pain in the butt, and I have no patience for it.....but I couldn't find any ready made organic flannel curtains that I liked, so I sucked it up and made my own! If you make your way to the states, you'll have to come by for a cup of tea!

    And thanks for the kind words, growmyown!