Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The insulation continues

We're now about 80% insulated, and the ceiling looks beautiful with its patchwork wool blanket :o)
I love the softness of our walls, they just look warm and cozy and "real". Not like the cold and sterile commercial insulation. I sleep easy knowing that my home is sustainable and full of character.
Our tiny house is becoming a living, breathing extension of ourselves, and I think we need to come up with a name for her soon :o)


  1. I found your blog through Living Tiny 365. I've read all your posts and enjoyed seeing your tiny mansion come to life. I hope to get a fencl Tumbleweed someday for myself and it's fun to see what others are doing. When I saw your home my first thought was it is an ark and you even said so in one of your posts so why don't you call it The Ark. Going as green and small as you are, you are certainly going against the tide just as Noah was when he tried to convince people the flood was coming so I think it's rather fitting.

  2. Hi Freebird :o)
    My husband and I have joked about putting pontoons on the bottom just in case of another flood :o)
    We looked into the Fencl, and while it's a great design (and so darn cute!), it didn't quite have the "livibility" that we needed for our home, so we started from scratch instead which allowed us to do many different things that we wouldn't have originally thought of if we hadn't had to design our own.
    It's very rewarding though to live in a tiny home, and I think that everyone should have the experience :o)

  3. Hello,

    Have enjoyed your blog very much. Found it on Tiny 365 as well. My wife and I are currently building a Tumbleweed Tarleton -though we too have made many custom changes.

    I am curious, is your insulation in this photo wool? It looks like it might be, and you've made mention of your tiny home being sustainable...

    We are using wool to insulate our tiny house, and couldn't be more pleased. If you are using wool, we'd sure love to hear how yours is holding up!

    Be well,
    Evan and Gabby

  4. Hi Evan and Gabby,
    Yes, we did use wool insulation but ended up ordering our direct from Europe as we couldn't find a completely "clean" option here in the US. What brand did you end up using, or did you just sneak up on a bunch of sheep?
    I think it performs beautifully, much better than any other type we have used in previous, conventional built homes.
    Thanks for stopping by, I'll have to check out your home soon :o)