Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rubber Boots...

Finally, finally! Our rubber boot for our chimney has arrived! This is the stock photo from the website as we haven't installed it yet, but I'm excited that we finally have some more of the parts that we need to put our tiny stove it.
We still need to fabricate a wall thimble for the inside of our home, and then we'll be all set to install the stove.


  1. A rubber boot for the chimney? Surely there is an inner chimney and the rubber boot is only around the outer sleeve?

  2. Well, first off, it's not actually rubber, just looks that way :o)
    It's made out of a high temp silicone and is specifically made for sending single wall woodstove pipe through a metal roof.
    We're going to use double wall pipe as a precaution, but it's rated to handle the heat of a single piple installation.
    And, apparently you can paint they say....
    I certainly hope so though, because I'm not keen on the idea of some flaming orange thing on my nice green roof!