Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wood windows and our own economic crisis, laughs!

Today we were able to get our clear cedar for the windows, it doesn't look like a lot of wood (and it's not), but boy is it ever pricey! Already being 20% over budget is bad enough without paying this much money for a few sticks!
Everyone says that's what happens when you build a house, no matter how tiny, but still, it hurts the pocket book a bit.
It also seems that the prices on everything are rising due to the economy being so bad (can we say hyperinflation?), so not only has work slowed down for us because of economic factors, we're now faced with paying more for all of our building supplies.
We ran the figures for our tiny house project the middle of last year and came up with a figure we were aiming to stay under, and then found when we bought everything this year to start on it that we could easily add 15-20% to that original figure PLUS being over budget by 20% (and we're not done yet!) YIKES!

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