Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Glass for windows

The glass that we ordered for our windows was finally ready today.....we ordered it quite some time ago, and it seems that they kept "misplacing" our order, but lo and behold, today was the day! We're building our own windows as ordering them from someone like Jeld Wen or Milgard proved to be in the several thousand dollar range, and we just don't have the budget for windows that are that expensive. Also, even though we wanted wood-clad windows because we didn't want any plastic/vinyl in the house, apparently most companies are just wood clad vinyl windows, or they treat the wood with toxic chemicals to cure it. So, it ends up just being better to make our own!
Tomorrow we will go place our order for clear cedar to construct them out of, we had to do some shopping around for the wood as prices seem to vary significantly, but any way you skin it, clear cedar is still a WHOLE LOT of money!

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