Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interior work

We've been putting up more insulation and paneling inside. The living room is coming along nicely.

We're also trimming out the windows so that everything will look finished off when we're done.
It may look quick and easy to put paneling up, but it's A LOT of work! The exterior siding went up a lot quicker. It will be nice when it's complete, but until then, it's lots and lots of work.
We had an open house this last weekend for some of the locals that were interested to come and take a look and there has been some discussion with a few people who would like us to build them a custom tiny home suited for their individual needs. So once we get finished up (and if the weather will cooperate), we'll have a formal "open house" and possibly a schedule a few seminars if the interest is there so that people can get a first hand look at the different options out there and also have the opportunity to ask questions about different building methods, ie: the difference between "green" and non-toxic, what works best for them and their budget, where to source the materials, etc.
So stay tuned for more info on that!
We have also been contracted to consult on two other tiny house projects currently in the beginning stages of design and construction by individuals that just need a little help with the details and planning.
Ideally, once we have our home completed, we will most likely start on another tiny home, and if a buyer comes along early enough in the process, we will build it custom for that person, otherwise we will build a standard, smaller unit.
We've had a few people come visit from out of state to take a look at our home, and the reviews have all been phenominal! We're excited to start a new journey and would love to help others achieve their "tiny dreams".

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  1. what roof pitch did yall use?
    Keep up the posts. Love 'em.
    Gives me may ideas and hope for my own tiny house in the future..
    Best to you and yours..
    ;) Lesa Kosteck
    Central TX