Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We have a roof over our heads!

Well we've had quite a bit going on recently, but I thought I would post a picture of our fabulous roof!
We moved in (sort of) last week and will begin work on the inside finish work soon after we get the 5th wheel cleaned and washed and ready to sell.
I'll post new pictures of the inside as soon as I can, but life has been a bit hectic!


  1. It's looking great! I so like your design with the extra wall height and less steep roof pitch. Duh! Why hasn't anyone else done this? Looking forward eagerly to shots of the interior.

  2. Just found your blog via Michael Janzen's site. Your house looks wonderful! I really like the fact that the loft is really spacious. When you're both further along, do you think it would be possible to see a floorplan? :-)

    What size trailer are you using to build on? I'm guessing it's an 83" x 24' ?

    Keep us all posted!

  3. Thanks! We're using a custom built trailer, but yes, I believe it's about 83" wide and it's 24' long. We requested some extra "beefing up" and bracing when they built it for us along with a couple of other options.
    We're really excited to be living in it and will be really happy once the kitchen is all ready to go and I can completely move in!

  4. Thanks for doing this blog! I've enjoyed it thoroughly and can't wait to see the finished house. I found your house while searching for gambrel roof tiny houses - so that the loft would be more spacious. Your low pitch roof accomplishes that and more. But is your house really 13.5 feet or less at the peak? It looks so tall! :-) Good work. And if you don't mind, share with us what you've spent in materials thus far.