Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Someday we'll be done.....but not today!

We were up into the wee hours last night trying to get all of the plywood up, but when our fingers froze we thought we'd better go inside
Blocking in the rafters

Sort of looks like an ark, don't you think? We're putting all of the plywood up first and then deciding where we want the windows after it's all boxed in. We only get a very few days without rain here this time of year, so being water tight is more important than windows at this point. The windows will go between the existing studs, so that won't be a problem, we're just not sure yet how tall we want them and how many of them we're putting in.

I think people get nosebleeds when they are that high in the air :o)

In an effort to make sure that our home will really be non-toxic, we are skipping the Tyvec house wrap (it's plastic), and using a coat of no VOC, organic woodstain on the siding underlayment to give it an extra water-tight oomph! Plus, my giant tarp won't quite cover the bottoms of the walls, so this way I don't have to worry about rain saturating my new plywood before the siding can be put up.


  1. This is fantastic. Mr Chiots and I are hoping to build a small teardrop trailer and we want to build it all non-toxic no VOC. We'll be doing similar things I suppose.

    Great job, can't wait to see the final product.

    Glad you joined the Real Food Challenge.

  2. Will be interested to follow your project as I am thinking of doing the same. Altho I live in Canada now I lived in Western Washington for 7 years and still have friends there.

    What brand of stain did you use?

  3. We used a product out of Canada called Woodpal. We had to order it in direct as no one here in Washington could get it for us without a $500 minimum on the order. Maybe you'll have better luck getting it off the shelf where you are :o)