Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our Tiny Dream

While many people dream big dreams, ours are quite small indeed.

We've created a life for ourselves that some consider drastic enough already, but we're getting ready to embark on a new journey, a more permanent journey into uncharted waters for us.

Sometime between the middle of 2006 and the beginning of 2007, we had both left our jobs on a hope and a prayer that there had to be something better than 8-5/Monday-Friday/Until the day we Died.

We started our own business, and I'm not going to say it was easy, but we have managed to put food on the table and it's so nice to not be working for someone else anymore. In order to regain more freedom in life we decided to rent out our house in the city, condense our vehicles, buy an RV and move to the country to stay on a relative's property until we got our bearings. It's been a blast, but we're again pondering "what now"?

The last year has proved to be a huge learning curve, emboldened with the desire to live an organic, non-toxic and healthy life, and not willing to return to "normal" employment we're stuck trying to find answers for a permanent housing solution that will give us a peaceful, happy space to call home.

Enter the Tiny House!

We had heard crazy stories about people living in yurts, mud huts, and converted school buses, and now we are the crazy ones! We're building a very very tiny house on a trailer that will accomodate all of our needs and serve us well for the next many years.
Building will be a chore, but it will be worth it in the end! We'll be able to take our home with us wherever our lives may lead us, and allow us to become self-sufficient and independant!
I'll keep you posted with our progress :o)


  1. Wow! I live in a big house (5 kids) and sometimes dream of something tiny...although i could not live without a way to store all my homegrown preserved food, so I would need a separate trailer for just a pantry. I will definitely following your progress! Kim

  2. Nah, there are always ways around that :o) We're going to dig a root cellar into the earth when we get situated with property and know where we are going to end up. Many people bury old freezers with just the door showing, I've heard that works quite well.
    Not sure about where you would put 5 kids though, however I'm sure Sweet Girl and Baby Boy would fit somewhere, they're still small *smiles*